Times Long Past

Apr 23, 2024 | Fine Art, Photography, Landscape

Journeying from Colorado Springs to Albuquerque, I stumbled upon an enchanting tale waiting to be told—a hidden church nestled in the heart of nowhere. My fascination with ancient sanctuaries took hold, and I couldn’t resist exploring its mysterious allure. With camera in hand, I prepared to capture its timeless beauty and unravel the secrets it held within. As I stood before this humble house of God, a cascade of questions flooded my mind. Who were the visionaries behind its creation, in this remote corner of the western foothills? Did a forgotten town once thrive here, only to fade from memory? I couldn’t help but envision the families who sought solace within these walls after a hard week’s labor in this desolate landscape. A tapestry of ranchers, farmers, and townsfolk, etching their stories into the very fabric of this sacred place. Who were they, and from where did their journey originate? As I explored further, any trace of the bustling township had vanished, leaving only whispers of days gone by—only an ancient gas station bearing witness to the passage of time. It appears an unspoken decree existed, ensuring the preservation of these ancient churches as silent witnesses to history, even if they stood alone. And as a faithful guardian of our past, I wholeheartedly embrace this sacred duty.

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