The Zebra

Jun 17, 2022 | Fine Art, Wildlife, Portfolio

What is it that captivates so many of us when we think Zebra? Is it the stripes? The sharp contrast of the black and white pattern’s that vary with different species of Zebra is their most distinctive trait. Most of us love horses and different markings are always an gets your attention. Watching the colors wave in front of your eyes as a herd runs across the Savanna. In a large group they tend to dissolve into a mass of black and white reducing their visibility thus providing protection.

They have large expressive eyes and ears that resemble a mule. Their mane is a thin spike y ridge that runs down their neck preventing a good grip for predators that need something to hold on to. The tail is thin with a sparse tuft of hair at the end. Good for swatting flys..

Once you overlook the camouflage, the sleek exterior, the big ears and that captivating eye you have a horse, and we all love horses.

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