The Magic In Fall Colors

Sep 1, 2022 | Fine Art, Landscape, Portfolio

“”The Magic of Fall Colors

So why do some of us have a love affair with fall? The Psychologists refer to the phenomenon as “Temporal Landmarks”.  What is that you ask?

“Temporal landmarks divide life into distinct mental phases. They allow us to put in the past negative experiences and propel a fresh outlook.”

— Yasmine Saad, PhD


Research shows experiencing temporal landmarks can boost motivation to pursue goals. The kids are back in school and suddenly you have more free time to pursue dive into the projects you have been thinking of taking on all summer. This association lasts a lifetime. It as if there is a new excitement and promise in the air.


The steady routines of fall are predictable thus permitting scheduling of new projects and the time to work on them uninterrupted by the chaos of summertime schedules. Time to look forward to the major winter holidays and plan for those special events. All the while associating specific times in our lives that have made us the happiest.


Let’s not forget swimming suit season is over, and it’s time to dig out the sweat suits and bulky sweaters. I am an old woman and my body told me long ago “bikinis are not for you girl”. Blue jeans, a great sweatshirt and my hiking boots suit me just fine.  No to mention the heat has been turned down to an acceptable level.

It’s time to get outside and move, enjoy the fresh air, bump those oxygen levels, increase your serotonin and get happy. I don’t need to know the why or the how, I just know there is something extra special about the solitude of a cool crisp morning, multicolored leaves fluttering around you and the sound of running water following your every footstep. Be quiet and you never know what might see along the way. Get going it’s time to reset your frame of mind and smile for the rest of the year.


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