The King Bird

Oct 9, 2022 | Fine Art, Birds

Eastern  Kingbird

Another of my songbird collection. Perfect for cards, to send to that special friend. Find more in the Perpetual Wanderer.

Common to North Texas, the Eastern Kingbird frequents roadside fences and wires launching in time to catch unsuspecting insects. They are known to harass crows, hawks or any large bird that ventures to close to their nests. Spunky and adaptable this flycatcher does fine mingling with civilization within it’s own range.  They like to build their nest where wires attached to utility poles.

In open country of the west, the Western Kingbird is often seen perched on roadside fences and wires, flying out to snap up insects or to harass ravens, hawks, or other large bird that stray too close to the  Kingbird nest. Spunky and adaptable, this flycatcher has adjusted well to advancing civilization within its range. It frequently builds its nest where wires attach to utility poles.

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