Swallow Shenanigans

Jun 26, 2021 | Photography, Birds

The Barn Swallow

Everyone has marveled at the antics of the swallow and thanked them for eating every mosquito the can find. Not to mention all the other bugs that fall to their hunting prowess. Never ones to stay in one place for long their aerial acrobatics are beyond compare. Speed and agility are their foremost claim to fame. As a photographer I have to admit trying to get one focused quick enough to get a decent picture is a challenge that I can’t say I win very often.

Glistening cobalt blue above with tan underneath, look for the the long forked tail that streams out behind acting like a rudder as the dart gracefully over fields, barnyards, and open water. I have a pond out the backdoor and they are constantly skimming the water looking flying insect prey.

Swallows are incredibly common and widespread, if it’s not extreme desert or frigid tundra they will be there at some point in the year.

Little trick the youngsters are easier to photograph because they will sit still for longer periods of time and have very little fear of humans. I find that true with most of the birds that have just fledged.

I managed to catch this one on the fly, just lucky I guess.


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