Red Fox

Connie Kelts

A wanderer by nature, my art reflects my passion. Wild places and the wonders of nature are my most cherished companions. Visions that transform as quickly as time, I never tire of the experience and diversity. I am ranch raised and have lived in some of the most beautiful places in North American. If anything can be said of my history is it’s been an unconventional adventure that made me what I am today.

May 13, 2021

It’s impossible to look at the face of a Red Fox and fail to smile. One of the most handsome, curious, and resourceful animals in the animal kingdom. They can adapt to any circumstance their environment has to offer. Fox pups are curious almost to the point of putting them in danger. Keeping their parents busy keeping them out of trouble.

It’s was always an event every spring to visit the fox den to check out the new pups. The parents had made this den home for years. It was out in the middle of a large pasture. They became so used to us they didn’t mind when we came to visit. Walking out into the field and quietly sitting close to the den we didn’t have to wait long to see a little head pop out and take a look. Curiosity got the better of them in no time and they would begin to come out to investigate the creatures sitting in their pasture. One by one they would advance to check us out. Once they decided we were not a threat they would begin to play like all puppy’s do. What a wonderful way to spend an afternoon.
I had a wonderful time painting this fox, thinking about another fox encounter but I will save that story for the next painting.


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