Photography Options

 8×10 No Border

Size 5×7 | 8×10 |12×16

Your image will go to the edge of the print. In order to accomplish border-less printing the image will be enlarged approximately by 1/10 to 1/8 of an inch to give the appropriate amount of bleed necessary for cutting.

1/2 Border

Size 5×7 | 8×10 |12×16

An extra one half border will go around the printed area. This means the actual sheet size of the paper will be a total of 1 inch larger than the ordered width and height of the print.


Size 5×7 | 8×10 |12×16

Flush mounted (borderless) on your choice of archival white or black artboard for paper prints at an affordable price. Artboard provides a firm surface for prints intended for framing and automatically increases the perceived value and quality of the print. The print will be borderless and trimmed to be flush with the artboard.

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