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Feb 7, 2021 | Photography, Horses

Ready To Rope

They are always ready to rope. How many team ropers do you know? Well if you have never met an enthusiast of this sport you might not understand what it takes to be a successful competitor. The operative word is “TEAM”. Not just one but four. Two riders and two horses. Can you imagine having to count on three participants to do just what they are suppose to do and do it right. Then of course you can’t make any mistakes either. The whole process depends on the cast of characters to work like a well oiled machine, and the faster the better. It is no wonder team ropers come to the arena mounted on some incredible horses, they have to be fast, smart, and athletic. A great horse will read the cattle and make his moves accordingly. This is where the auto pilot comes in. If everybody does their job a good run is over in a matter of seconds. If you looking to make a living team roping, know it’s not easy. The traveling expenses are many. You have to include the fuel, big trucks, trailers, campers and of course you are riding an expensive horse who will require vet, farrier, and equipment.  If you are in the top 10% of the professional team ropers you will have a good shot on the pro circuit if not don’t give up. The wonderful thing about team roping for many is not to make living they do it for the love of the sport. Most rural neighborhoods have an arena where the non pro or the beginner can go to rope and many do so on a weekly basis. There are always those who will teach the new comers young or old. While the city folks go to the basketball or tennis court team ropers go to the roping pen. It has been my experience they are always ready to rope.

This painting is referenced by photograph I took at a local event. As you can see cowboy’s love good looking horses. So do I.

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