Lazy River Run

Aug 4, 2022 | Fine Art, Landscape, Gallery Portfolio


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Lazy River Run

A day spent on a river be it large or small is never wasted. If you are an avid fisherman, like most you can spend the day anticipating that perfect strike as your fly hits the water. The contest between you and your prize as you attempt to best it’s attempts to get away is one that will always quicken your breath and make you heartbeat just a little faster. Should your prize slip away into the deep water your resolve is just heightened, and you cast again until you are successful or it’s getting dark.

I always find I must move, heading upstream to discover new areas of the river and possibly find some of the local wildlife. My camera is always looking for something to shoot. I never go wandering with a set destination or time frame that I must adhere to because I never do. That’s the wonder of nature, your journey will rarely be the same no matter how often you find yourself on your favorite spot on the river.

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