Harry Vold

Aug 6, 2022 | People


I grew up with Harry’s kids and spent a lot of time at his rodeos. My son is a professional bronc rider. One summer he was on the injured list and so was Harry, so he really didn’t have a lot to do. One day Kirsten, Harry’s daughter and right-hand girl called Sam and asked him if he would like to come work at the ranch for the summer while he was healing up. I suppose Sam was about 18 at the time. He thought that would be a great idea so off he went.

Upon arriving he was curious as to what he would be doing and was excited at the prospect of working with some amazing bucking horses and a beautiful ranch. Well finally he was told just to hang out with Harry, and he could help him with anything he had to do. It wasn’t long till he figured out that he was sort of Harry’s babysitter charged with keep him out of trouble and following his doctors’ orders which were to take it easy. Have you ever tried to tell a cowboy to take it easy?   They don’t understand that word. Harry didn’t hold it against him, and they had a great summer.

Sam sure didn’t mind, how often could a rookie bronc rider hang out with the likes of Harry Vold every day. He had some great stories to tell.  I often think how lucky Sam was to really get to spend the time with a man he respected and become a good friend.


Quoted from ” American Cowboy Magazine”


Harry Vold


Harry Vold was born in 1924 on a ranch just outside of Ponoka, Alberta, Canada. The Vold Rodeo Company, now based in southern Colorado, produces rodeos in seven states annually and also provides bucking stock for over 100 rodeo performances each year, Vold Rodeo Company is one of only two stock contracting firms to provide stock to all National Finals Rodeos since 1959.

Known as “Duke of the Chutes”, Vold has raised some of the most acclaimed animals in the Professional Rodeo Cowboy Association. Including 1976 Bronc of the Year “Sarcee Sorrell,” 1976 Bull of the Year “Panda” 1978 and 1979 bronc of the Year ” Angel Sings “, 1979 and 1980 Bull of the Year “777” , 1981 Bronc of the Year “Rusty” , 1983 Fighting Bull of the Year and Hall of Fame Inductee “Crooked Nose” 1986 Bronc of the Year “Wrangler Savy”, 1991,1992,1993 Bronc of the Year “Bobby Jo Skoal” and 2010 Saddle Bronc of the Year “Painted Valley”.

Harry Vold’s many achievements over his career include; 11-time PRCA Stock Contractor of the Year, 2-time WPRA Stock Contractor of the Year, Prorodeo Hall of Fame Inductee, Canadian Hall of Fame Inductee, Life Member of the Ponoka Stampede, Honorary Sarcee Tribal Chief, PRCA Man of the Year, National Intercollegiate Rodeo Assoc. Scholarship Honoree, National Finals Rodeo Board of Director, Cheyenne Frontier Days Hall of Fame Inductee, Pendleton Round-Up Hall of Fame Inductee, Pikes Peak or Bust in Colorado Springs, Hall of Fame Inductee, Old Fort Days in Fort Smith, Hall of Fame Inductee, Ellensburg Rodeo Hall of Fame Inductee, Dodge City Round-Up Hall of Fame Inductee, and in 2009, he was inducted into the National Cowboy Hall of Fame in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma and named The Prorodeo Hall of Fame Legend of Rodeo.
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