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A wanderer by nature, my art reflects my passion. Wild places and the wonders of nature are my inspiration. My unconventional history has molded me into what I am today.

September 2, 2022

Dewy Matthews

What can I say, Dewy is probably one of the most unique individuals I have ever known.  He came to Alberta with a dream and 35 years later he has accomplished an incredible legacy.  The homeplace is west of Turner Valley Alberta and it has grown from a tiny cabin and a few horses to a beautiful ranch. The cabin has been replaced by a beautiful log home filled with all the things he loves. Mementos of his beautiful family who are all grown up now, He can even brag about his beautiful new grandson. One of his multitude of talents is music so as you would expect there are musical instruments everywhere.

Walk out the front door and you will find all the outbuilding he has built, barns, cabins and a lodge. The corral system is extensive as he raises colts every year and his horse herd is extensive. Then there are sheds for all the wagons and other horse drawn vehicles that are used to transport gear into his base camp for the summer outfitting season.

Once the summer outfitting trips are over, he moves into hunting season hosting guests from all over the world. Then it’s on to Christmas Sleigh ride parties for all.

As a neighbor and fellow outfitter, on a much smaller scale he always amazed me. If you are not familiar with the business, I can tell you right now it’s a lot of work that never ends. It’s a 24-7, 365 day a year job.

His love of the wilderness had never waned, and his knowledge base would fill a library.

Dewy is known for his signature hat and I can’t tell you how many pictures I have seen of his back side surveying his domain. Katie, his daughter took this picture and gave me permission to use it as a reference for this watercolor painting. I have known Katie since she was a tiny baby. Jan and Dewy raised a beautiful family and I am proud to call them friends.

Should you ever want to book a wilderness adventure, hunting trip or just a to die for party give them a call you will not be disappointed.

Visit Anchor D Guiding and Outfitting Limited for tons of wonderful pictures and tons of fun things to do.

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