Charolais Girls

Jul 7, 2021 | Fine Art, Domestic Animals

Is there anything more curious than a cow? These beauties are of the Charolais variety. Their popularity varies due to their specific and very demonstative genetic traits. They are big and they know it. A Charolais mama is something you should take very seriously. I know they look so cute but that can change in an instant if they think you have done something to make them mad.

As a beef producer they are great because they are big. Very capible of taking care of themselves and their calves. Calving can be challanging because the calves start out with the size the breed is known for.

However if you like cows you can’t deny those beautiful faces staring at you. I walked up to the fence surrounding a pasture of these girls and before I knew it they had all come over to say hi. In reality they probably though I had some feed with me. I had my camera and this painting became a memory of a good day.

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