Carolina Wren

Connie Kelts

A wanderer by nature, my art reflects my passion. Wild places and the wonders of nature are my most cherished companions. Visions that transform as quickly as time, I never tire of the experience and diversity. I am ranch raised and have lived in some of the most beautiful places in North American. If anything can be said of my history is it’s been an unconventional adventure that made me what I am today.

July 7, 2021

Carolina Wren

Measured in ounces, no neck to speak of, a body shaped like a walnut and a tail that stands at attention a good deal of the time. One of the most common wrens know for it’s distinctive vocalizations. This little bird is a fighter that I affectionately call the neighborhood terrorist. I actually have a series of photographs of two rolling around on the ground having a real knock down drag out. I guess when you so tiny you have to have a certain amount of bravado.  Another in my songbird card series.

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