Canadian Ice Fields

Connie Kelts

A wanderer by nature, my art reflects my passion. Wild places and the wonders of nature are my most cherished companions. Visions that transform as quickly as time, I never tire of the experience and diversity. I am ranch raised and have lived in some of the most beautiful places in North American. If anything can be said of my history is it’s been an unconventional adventure that made me what I am today.

July 20, 2021

I Canadian Ice Fields

This painting was referenced from a picture my sister took of the Canadian Ice Fields on a helicopter trip she took with my Mom. If you have never seen the Rockies from the cockpit of a chopper you don’t know what you are missing. It puts the full expanse of some of the most beautiful landscape in the world right in front of you.  You can see forever.

If you find yourself in the neighborhood it’s worth every penny, don’t go without your camera.

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