Bruce Flewelling

Aug 6, 2022 | People

Bruce Flewelling

Over the years there are many stories I could tell about Bruce but the one that stands out is the “Goat”.  Jim and Bruce were off doing something and when Jim came home he had probably the cutest black and white miniature goat in the truck with him. After announcing Bruce had given this creature to the kids what could I say. Of course he was an orphan who required bottle feeding and you know who that job was given to. My kids were so little mom took on the task. As he grew he decided he was not a goat but a family member and he wanted to be underfoot at all times. He followed the kids every where they went, you could see them riding in the pasture and there he was right behind them everywhere they went.  He figured he needed to be in the house with the rest of us, Alberta winters are cold right? He became a master at hiding and more time than not I would leave the house and not know he was in the house, he was not potty trained.

Another thing he loved was going to town. He would wait until the car door was open and you weren’t looking and then he would jump in and lay on the floor in the back seat in silent mode. He seemed to know where you were past the point of turning around to taking him back home. That is when he would announce his presents. More than once I did my shopping in Calgary with a goat in the car.

Strawberries were his favorite and after I had tried everything to keep him out of the strawberry patch in desperation I built an electric fence to protect them. The final straw was watching him standing with a bow in his back and a hot wire pressed against his him, spasmodically jerking and happily munching strawberry s. Goats obviously have no pain reflexes.

He also loved to dance on cars, trucks what ever had elevation. He didn’t care who’s vehicle he was destroying he just though it was fun. Dad had had it once his truck had goat scratches all over the hood and roof, so he talked Bruce’s brother into taking him and turning him out with the goats he raised. I doubt he ever figured out he was a goat. My kids to this day bring up the fact they weren’t consulted in the decision to lose the goat.

Quick to laugh, always up for a good joke and a good friend, I am proud to call him friend.

“Quoted from “Canadian Rodeo History”

“Bruce Flewelling’s love of the sport has been witnessed for over forty years. A contractor and pick-up man, he has always been a willing volunteer in every aspect of rodeo, whether it be helping a barrel racer in the arena, helping a new pick-up man get the hang of things, letting a young cowboy know what rein to use on a horse or how the horse was likely to buck. He always packed a good horse for the flagman to ride and had an extra pick-up horse if needed.

Flewelling has been active at the high school rodeo level, helping out rodeo’s youth and has always been willing to give his time and talents to help a young cowboy get that “first horse” under their belt to help build their confidence.

A horse trader at heart, Bruce is always on the lookout for a “good prospect” and at the stock contractor level, some of the best stock to wear the Flewelling brand has included American Trip, British Block, Mr. Burke, Red Sky, Cheadle to name a few.

He has worked as a pick-up man for a number of contractors, including Cockx and Hook Rodeo, Northcott Rodeo, Big Country Rodeo, Vold Rodeo and Big Stone Rodeo. He also handled pick-up chores at the Calgary Stampede for 15 years and at the CFR four times.

Flewelling, held a sub-contractor card for over 20 years, helping round out the stock for several different outfits in the CPRA.

During his years as a competitor, Flewelling won the Canadian cow milking championship seven times, the Alberta Circuit cow milking championship seven times, and was a two-time Calgary Stampede cow milking champion.

Bruce Flewelling passed away on April 10, 2016. A memorial was held at Strathmore Rodeo Grounds on May 16, 2016 for the cowboy who was , posthumously named 2016 CPRA Cowboy of the Year.”




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