Black Wolf

Jul 26, 2021 | Fine Art, Wildlife

Black Wolf

The wolf is one of the most iconic animals in North America. The stories, myths and legends have been passed down for generations. They are elusive as well as very capable predators. In reality your chance of actually coming face to face with this beautiful animal is very slim. I have spent a lot of time in their territory and never got to see one close up. Oh they were there and would follow us as we traveled horseback through their territory but they kept out of sight and never once showed any sign of aggression. I realize it might be a different story if you were alone and on foot but that was never my situation. Ranchers and wolves have had a tempestuous relationship for generations but in reality wolves rank fairly low on the causes of death of domestic livestock and the number of wolf attacks on humans is very low.  Bears and big cats attacks are far more common.

I understand the conflict between the rancher and the wolf but I still find them fascinating and one of the most beautiful wild animals of North America.


May I suggest Living With Wolves a wonderful website that discusses the issues, habits and myths of the wolf. They have wonderful pictures and lots of statistics.

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