Big Cat Nap

Mar 6, 2022 | Wildlife


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Big Cat Nap

Oh, the life of the cat be they big or small. Sleep the day away, get up do a little hunting have a big meal and then take another nap. No, it’s not that easy for the wild cat as we humans encroach upon their territory’s making survival a challenge. While I find it hard to see wild animals in cages, I also appreciate their purpose. The conservation and research provided by the Zoos of the world have made a difference and are often the last refuge for some. I have made it a point to drag my mom or dad to everyone I could find. My kids were next and now I drag my grandkids to everyone I can. Having traveled a bit, I have been to quite a few.

The Brookfield Zoo is where I photographed these two beautiful snow leopards. I am still waiting for my trip to Africa, India or Tibet until then I will have to observe, and this zoo is spectacular. It’s never too late to support your local zoo the pandemic has been hard on them keep going or should you ever have the desire to adopt a leopard here’s how.

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